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Megami Battle Game Details Part 1


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Megami Battle Game Details Part 1

Post by Admin on Mon Jan 12, 2015 2:58 am

Every week I’ll be explaining the full details on the details and mechanics on Megami Battle until the official release.

Megami Battle will be a card game where you select up to 3 cards to use in a 1 VS 1 battle for PC and Android platforms.

For the first week I’ll like to explain the cards stats.

Megami Battle Card Hotaru Hayashi Level 1 by Studio-MizukiMegami Battle Card Ai Megami Level 1 by Studio-MizukiMegami Battle Character Card Hina by Studio-Mizuki

HP is the card’s health and if the HP drops to 0 the card is defeated.

Next to the HP bar you’ll see DEF and ATK.  These two values determine the cards offensive and defensive values during battle.  The ATK vales represent the base attack for each attack type while DEF values will determine the attack will lose or win during the battle.

Within the DEF and ATK values you’ll see POW, SPD and RNG.  These values are the main types of attacks in the game.  POW, SPD and RNG act like a rock paper scissors type mechanic where each attack will have an advantage over the other. More details on the POW, SPD and RNG stats will be detailed in a future post.

Last stat is the LV or level which determines the card level.  The higher the card level the stronger the card.  The cards level will range from LV 1 to LV 5 while the first release will only have level 1 and 2.

Next Sunday I’ll explain the battle system.

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