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Megami Battle Game Details Part 2


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Megami Battle Game Details Part 2

Post by Admin on Fri Jan 30, 2015 6:29 pm

For part 2 I’ll like to talk about POW/RNG/SPD stats and how they are used in battle.

During the battle all of the attacks are divided into 3 types POW, RNG and SPD.

Each type has its own strength and weakness.

POW beats RNG

RNG beats SPD


SPD beats POW

If the attack has the advantage the DEF rating will double during battle.


Ai uses a SPD based attack against Hina’s POW attack.

Megami Battle Card Ai Megami Level 1 by Studio-MizukiMegami Battle Character Card Hina by Studio-Mizuki

Naturally due to Hina having a higher base rating on her DEF POW of 8 would beat Ai’s SPD DEF of 6.

Due to SPD having an advantage against POW Ai’s SPD DEF temporary doubles to 12 which the end result causes Ai to win the round and deal the damage from SPD ATK.

The advantage does not guarantee a victory due to the one with the highest DEF value will determine if who will win or lose.

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