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Megami Saga: Resurrection September Campaign


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Megami Saga: Resurrection September Campaign

Post by Admin on Mon Aug 25, 2014 5:20 pm

Initial sales of Megami Saga: Resurrection are quite low so I'm planning on a campaign starting today to the end of September to boost sales so starting off there will be a social network blitz to get people to buy the first chapter.

If you can support us please spread the word by sharing the picture with #Megami_Saga or support us by buying the first chapter so we can continue the story past chapter 2.

Initial goal is to reach 600 by the end of September I’ll be announcing a contest to help support the first chapter and every time the chapter crosses a threshold I’ll announce an additional reward or a reward upgrade to the contest.  I’ll post details about the contest shortly but for now please spread the word so we can boost sales.


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